Caroline Casey: Looking past limits

Caroline Casey is a very inspirational woman. I usually don’t spend time watching talks of this kind, but this time she somehow touched and moved me with her words. This video makes me think a little bit about what I am doing and if there is more.

Caroline Casey has dedicated the past decade of her life to changing how global society views people with disabilities. In 2000, she rode 1,000 kilometers across India on an elephant to raise funds for Sight Savers. Then, as founding CEO of Kanchi in Dublin, she developed a set of best practices (based on ISO 9000 quality standards) for businesses, to help them see “disabled” workers as an asset as opposed to a liability. Hundreds of companies have adopted the standards, changing their policies and attitudes.

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  1. fév27Opium Très bonne fonction, ce que j’attend avec IMPATIENCE est la possibilité de naviguer à travers les &lq&so;anbup;onglets » avec trois doigts par exemple, et faire retour précédent avec deux doigts comme je peux le faire sur mon mac, ça manque !

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