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My name is Brian Chan. I am a software programmer living in Santa Clara, CA. I graduated from UC Davis in 2004 double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Looking at my posts, I bet you can tell that I like tech stuff a lot. I think ever since I started taking Pascal in early high school, I have become so interested in programming and all tech related stuff. I am fortunate that this hobby that I have can lead to my career. Being able to do what I enjoy at work is truly a blessing! My favorite languages are Python and PHP.

My programming philosophy is in short, accomplishing more by doing less. Writing double amount of code doesn’t necessarily double the functionality but rather the complexity. Packing more features doesn’t increase the usefulness of a product but introduces distractions. The key to designing a great product is to know what to leave out.

There is a great online book called Getting Real by 37signals. It is a short book, probably will take only 15 mins to click through. It gives a lot of insights in practical development of software products, specifically web apps. Highly recommended.

Besides programming, I also like to play games for fun, especially fighting games. Some people think that games are just for kids, but that’s simply not true. For example, fighting games develop skills in hand-eye coordination, precise timing, memory, psychology, pattern-recognition, strategy, etc. I also like to play Photo Hunt, which is a game you need to find five differences between two similarly looking pictures in short amount of time. That game really tests how you manage your time to choose between looking at the big picture vs the small picture. In general, I believe games are fun tools to help us develop certain skills that are hard to acquire from other means.

And, the economy is also at a stage where it is an opportune time to observe, analyze and to see things in action. We have read and heard from many sources how bad the Great Depression was, and somehow the US government managed to bring the economy back. Well, if this time the economy is just as bad if not worse, then wouldn’t it be interesting to see how things are handled differently and for what reasons? Reading up on economic and political news helps me better understand the world we are living in, so that you can be one step ahead of the game to make your move accordingly.

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